Pursuit of control and perfection of the Knights Templar – Assassins Creed

16 May

In the reality of human history, the Knights Templar is a quite well known military organization. In the year 1118, in the second time of the Crusades, the the two devout French noble knight for the protection of pilgrims to Jerusalem, the Knights Templar , King of Jerusalem Baldwin II gave the Temple Mount Ake Sa mosque as the base of the Knights Templar.

Knights Templar ultimate goal is to establish a thorough control for their “perfect world” for this purpose they are willing to use any means. Emphasize control and perfect the Knights Templar is bound to be the pursuit of individuality and freedom of the Assassin Brotherhood rival, two incompatible ideologies led to last for thousands of years you come to me to battle, both sides are confident in the future of humanity war.

A time when the 2000 U.S. presidential election, the Brotherhood and the Knights Templar intent of the election’s the Knights Templar spokesperson George Bush, the assassins behind Gore, but Klose’s betrayal led to the Brotherhood into an unprecedented chaos, election results to Bush assumed the presidency in the end.

Occupied the upper hand of the Knights Templar deeply feel the power of “Piece of Eden”, they began to be more crazy the kidnapping with pioneer ancestry assassin descent, in an attempt to information obtained from the more genetic memory of all artifacts, to be completed as soon as possible to conquer the world of ultimate objectives. These frenzied guy does not know, a bigger disaster is coming ……

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